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Our Service: We're all about service!

We want you to fully enjoy your furniture and keep it beautiful. But accidents happen...they're unavoidable. But an accident isn't a tragedy. We're there for you.

Just one toll-free call, 888-705-4001, and you're connected to FCP Services claim department. It's that forms to fill out, no phone trees to climb, no languishing on hold.

One call..that's all it takes.

  • One call and you're connected to our consulting professionals for tips and no cost to you.
  • We're ready to send an in-home service no cost to you.
  • With extensive repairs, we will remove your furniture for off-site repairs and return no cost to you.
  • If it cannot be repaired, we'll replace no cost to you!

So go ahead, enjoy your new furniture
knowing service is where we shine!